Threaded PARAMOUNT Blemished

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Threaded PARAMOUNT Blemished
Threaded PARAMOUNT Blemished


.45 Caliber

Free Floating Barrel

Nitride treated 416 Stainless Steel

Weight 10.15 pounds

PowerBelt ELR bullets

VariFlame® Breech Plug

Fully adjustable stock

Internal aluminum chassis

Self-Deploying Compact Ramrod

One-Piece Range Rod

Quake® CLAW® Flush Cup Sling



This rifle may include scratches, chips, and/or other cosmetic imperfections. These firearms are in like-new condition, with very minor cosmetic blemishes. Cosmetic issues will not be covered under warranty. These rifles are sold as is.





Unlike any other CVA rifle, this .45 caliber bolt-action gun was developed and designed to handle super-magnum propellant charges and thus provides the higher velocities necessary for killing shots at 300 yards and beyond. Of course, 2200 FPS plus velocities are worth nothing without the accuracy to put those shots where they belong, and for this, like all premium CVA's, the PARAMOUNT features a custom quality, .45 caliber, free-floating Bergara barrel in Nitride treated 416 grade stainless steel. Paired with PowerBelt new ELR bullets, which were specially designed for the PARAMOUNT, this barrel can produce incredibly tight groups at ranges previously thought unreachable for a muzzleloader. Also standard with the PARAMOUNT is CVA's VariFlame Breech Plug, which uses the hotter and more consistent Large Rifle Primer utilizing VariFlame technology by Cecil Epps rather than the 209 Shot Shell Primer. For maximum comfort and stability, the PARAMOUNT stock supports the barrel upon an internal aluminum chassis and offers full ergonomic adjustability of both length-of-pull and comb height. An accessory pack including PowerBelt ELR bullets, VariFlame primer casings, loading tool for VariFlame casings, collapsible loading rod, cleaning/range rod, and a Quake CLAW sling comes standard with every PARAMOUNT rifle.


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