Paramount / Accura Muzzle Brake .50 Cal

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Paramount / Accura Muzzle Brake .50 Cal
Paramount / Accura Muzzle Brake .50 Cal


  • Nitride Finished Self-Timing Muzzleloader Brake
  • Threaded 3/4x24
  • Side Ports Help Prevent Smoke From Obstructing View
  • First Port Patch Removal


Designed specifically for the CVA Paramount, Accura LR-X and Accura MR-X in .50 caliber, this muzzleloader brake not only reduces recoil, but can also remain installed during the cleaning of your Paramount. The larger opening of the first port allows you to easily remove a cleaning patch from the jag during the cleaning of your rifle.

To install, make sure the threads are clear of any debris. Screw the brake on until it stops on the shoulder of the barrel. Then, screw the brake out until the "CVA" logo is at 12 o'clock. This is timing the brake to have the ports at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock. Finally, using the correct size Allen wrench, firmly tighten the Allen screw located on the side of the brake. This will lock down the brake, and ensure it will not back off during shooting. For added security, feel free to remove the Allen screw and place a small amount of blue thread locker on the threads. Then install the brake as previously described.


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